To All That Are Interested!!!!!…..

We are now looking for Artists, Designers, and just about any artistic Medium to contribute to the 2nd installment of The Transplanted Project. So if you or anyone you may know that may be interested please leave a comment which includes and link to your work, or email me at with your information as well as samples of your work. The exact date, and location of the of the show will be posted at a later date. Thank you in advance!!


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Coming Soon….

So this post is to let all you wonderful people know that after a “brief” hiatus; The Transplanted Project is gearing up for another go-round. So stay tuned, because in the coming months you will all bare witness to something beautiful… I promise 😉 .

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A Story once started with the sentence “Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn…”

I just wanted to post a little something that just happens to go hand in hand with what I have been trying to do with The Transplanted Project. In June there will be a series of community events produced by the BAC (Brooklyn Arts Council). Called “ONCE UPON A TIME IN BROOKLYN” the focus will be on the FOLKLORE of the Caribbean and other cultures (See…. what did I tell you.).

There is an excerpt from the BAC website which describes the even much better than I ever could.

Once Upon A Time in Brooklyn: Traditional Storytellers and Their Tales is a series of public programs and workshops held in parks, libraries and community gardens all around the borough. Folk tales, fairy tales, ghost stories, tall tales, and the legends of the saints – based on traditions from around the world – will be told in a chorus of voices reflecting the rich diversity of Brooklyn today.

Listen to Guyanese folk tales told under the full moon, enjoy a traditional uraga with Garifuna artists of Belize and Honduras, screen classic and contemporary fairy tale films, participate in a story swap, or turn out for The Great Brooklyn Storytelling Event at Brooklyn Public Library Central where diverse raconteurs will delight listeners with tales from Brooklyn’s oral story book.

Once Upon A Time in Brooklyn is a celebration of story arts. Come catch a tale!

For more information about this curious event here is the LINK to the BAC post, there you will find a list of the events that will be held around Brooklyn. I know I will already be attending at least two of these events, and if anything I hope to see you there. Until next time =)

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What is with the Censorship….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

During my last post I told you all to take special note of a certain picture on the events page, and I promised to elaborate further in a future post. So guess what?? This is that post!!

The opening of the the first Transplanted Show has come and gone, and all in all it was a success. But I just want to let you know about the hiccups along the way.

With little less than a week to the opening night of the show,  I received an email from manager of Space On White informing me that a few pieces could not be hung in the gallery due to their “sexually explicit” material. Now, you should know the gallery gave reasonable argument as to why they made that decision; it focused around the fact that children would be able to view the pieces at any given point during the run of the show. From there on out a few emails were exchanged between myself, the artists, and the gallery space respectfully explaining how the content of the pieces were very much appropriate when taken in context. We were all eventually able to reach a compromise(notice the veils hanging over the paintings), but not without a little contention from myself, and the artists of the pieces in question.

Like I said before, I did understand their concern, but that understanding didn’t change our feelings of discontent. There were two reasons for our feelings.

1. In no way were we informed that the gallery space edits their exhibitions; and that the owners were willing to go against verbal and written agreements.

2. The higher ups at Space On White tried to convince us that what they were doing was not censorship when it clearly was!

Let it be known that Space On White has been very accommodating for the most part, but I wanted to relay this story with the hopes of opening up a dialogue amongst all the readers if possible.

So I ask you, how do you feel about what happened, and how would you have reacted if you were in my position?

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Views from the opening!!!

So the opening of “Myths Be Told” has come and gone, and I have to say it was a great success!! Thanks to all the artists and volunteers that helped make this event happen. All the beautiful work hung on the walls absolutely amazed me, and from what I hear the crowd that was in attendance agreed with that sentiment. Below I have posted a few pictures of the day of hanging. And if you want to check out a few pictures from the opening please follow this LINK to the EVENTS page for the slide show. Those are just a few I could get my hands on at the moment, but more will be posted in coming days.

When viewing the slide show I want you to take note of the piece hidden behind a veil. There is a very interesting story behind that, and I plan on telling you that story in a post very soon. So stay tuned!!

Oh YES!! For those of you who have not been to the show yet, it is open up until June 6th. So please check it out when you can at Space On White. Located at 81 White Street, NY NY. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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Less Than a Week Away Folks!!!…

So it is a little less than a week before the opening of Myth BE Told, and if you are reading this I expect to see you there. And just to amp up the anticipation a little more…Below is are a couple more teasers of what is to come.

The prints are all ready to go…

I like to call this little shot “Them curves are dangerous”. This is a detail from the piece that Miss Kristen Terrana. To see the full painting in all its glory be sure to attend this coming Friday. Until next time….

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A Familiar Approach…

Two orders of business tonight.

First… I created and Events page where you can view the original flier for the UPCOMING SHOW, as well as an Alternative created by Miss Zofia Bogusz.

Second… I wanted to highlight another artist who decided to take a more Illustrative approach to creating a piece for the Transplanted Project. The artist’s name is Kristen Terrana, and below I have posted a few of her thumbnail sketches of the character she decided to tackle. Being that I come from and Illustrative background myself, I can really appreciate this approach.

Sketch 1

Sketch 2

Sketch 3

Sketch 4

Now… I was VERY tempted to post the ultimate solution she came up with (Which I love). But I feel as if that would be giving away a little too much. I mean …. I have to same some things for opening night right?? 😉 Until next time folks…

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