The Loving Embrace…

"The Loving Embrace" a.k.a "Daddys Home"

"The Loving Embrace" a.k.a "Daddys Home"

Could this be the latest piece done especially for The Transplanted Project? I think so!! I dub this one “The Loving embrace” a.k.a “Daddys Home”. This particular Illustration shows the relationship between the West Indian nature spirits known as Pappa Bio and Maman Dlo. I have to say I had a lot of fun putting this image together, and if you are interested you can click on the below image for an animated GIF showing a process time-line of my process .

Click this image for the four step process. 1-Sketch 2-Work up 3-Color swatches 4-Finished Image.

As the weeks go on you will see more posts like this. My goal is to introduce you all to more characters of West Indian Folklore interpreted by a variety of artists Including myself.¬† Even though there is no is no description of each individual character now… expect them in the coming posts. I figure this image would only just wet your appetite, and I hope it did exactly that! So please keep checking back in, and I promise you will not be disappointed. Take care for now…

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