So I lied…

For those who have been paying attention, I said that the next blog update was going to be a look at my work space. Wellllll….I am going to have to renege on that, but I promise you it is for a very good reason. Today I got an email from Ms. Zofia Bogusz (one of the artists that is helping me with the Transplanted project), and it truly made my day. I am pretty much going to post what she sent to me in order, and I hope you will understand why this got me so excited.

It’s all about the process BABY!! Doesn’t it look like she had fun putting these pictures together? This is the kinds of the things I appreciate so very much. Just in case you missed the link you can find Ms. Bogusz’s official website at

Okay… now I really swear the next post will be pictures of my work space as well. But, to be honest I am a little intimidated now. I am going to have to follow this…

Until next time folks…


Oh WAIT!! one last thing. Ms. Bogusz is having a gallery opening next Thursday ( December 9th). For information please visit her website.

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