Taking a Slight Detour….


So I think in this post I will take a time out and focus on a major inspiration that brought about the idea for Transplanted. If you are West Indian, or are fortunate to know some one that is… then of course you know Trinidad Carnival time is quickly approaching. Even though it has been decades since I have actually played in a mass, it never ceased to be a major party of my life.

From the earliest days of walking though the old Piarco airport and seeing the following costume by legendary Peter Minshall. ( You can skip to the 1:39 mark to see the costume I am talking about… ooooor you can do what I did and enjoy the whole video.)

To trolling triniscene.com to see the latest band launches…

And last but not least witnessing my parents my parents pack up, and fly back home to Trinidad for partake in Carnival …. Every … Year. (Sorry no pictures of that folks).

If you have the time, I encourage you take a moment out to read up on the history of Carnival. Not only does it serve as a great inspiration to me. But it’s own roots also are based on the same theme I am produce with The Transplanted Project. Next Week… Back to our regularly Scheduled program .

OH …. and stay tuned folks. Word has it some big news may be coming down the pipeline soon šŸ˜‰

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