What is with the Censorship….

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During my last post I told you all to take special note of a certain picture on the events page, and I promised to elaborate further in a future post. So guess what?? This is that post!!

The opening of the the first Transplanted Show has come and gone, and all in all it was a success. But I just want to let you know about the hiccups along the way.

With little less than a week to the opening night of the show,  I received an email from manager of Space On White informing me that a few pieces could not be hung in the gallery due to their “sexually explicit” material. Now, you should know the gallery gave reasonable argument as to why they made that decision; it focused around the fact that children would be able to view the pieces at any given point during the run of the show. From there on out a few emails were exchanged between myself, the artists, and the gallery space respectfully explaining how the content of the pieces were very much appropriate when taken in context. We were all eventually able to reach a compromise(notice the veils hanging over the paintings), but not without a little contention from myself, and the artists of the pieces in question.

Like I said before, I did understand their concern, but that understanding didn’t change our feelings of discontent. There were two reasons for our feelings.

1. In no way were we informed that the gallery space edits their exhibitions; and that the owners were willing to go against verbal and written agreements.

2. The higher ups at Space On White tried to convince us that what they were doing was not censorship when it clearly was!

Let it be known that Space On White has been very accommodating for the most part, but I wanted to relay this story with the hopes of opening up a dialogue amongst all the readers if possible.

So I ask you, how do you feel about what happened, and how would you have reacted if you were in my position?

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One Response to What is with the Censorship….

  1. kristen says:

    Dan you handled it gracefully and professionally. I think the compromise was as good as possible given the circumstances. And lucky for Sylvia and Dan, human nature makes us curious to see stuff we’re “not supposed to”. More kids are probably looking at those pieces than the others! lol

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