A Story once started with the sentence “Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn…”

I just wanted to post a little something that just happens to go hand in hand with what I have been trying to do with The Transplanted Project. In June there will be a series of community events produced by the BAC (Brooklyn Arts Council). Called “ONCE UPON A TIME IN BROOKLYN” the focus will be on the FOLKLORE of the Caribbean and other cultures (See…. what did I tell you.).

There is an excerpt from the BAC website which describes the even much better than I ever could.

Once Upon A Time in Brooklyn: Traditional Storytellers and Their Tales is a series of public programs and workshops held in parks, libraries and community gardens all around the borough. Folk tales, fairy tales, ghost stories, tall tales, and the legends of the saints – based on traditions from around the world – will be told in a chorus of voices reflecting the rich diversity of Brooklyn today.

Listen to Guyanese folk tales told under the full moon, enjoy a traditional uraga with Garifuna artists of Belize and Honduras, screen classic and contemporary fairy tale films, participate in a story swap, or turn out for The Great Brooklyn Storytelling Event at Brooklyn Public Library Central where diverse raconteurs will delight listeners with tales from Brooklyn’s oral story book.

Once Upon A Time in Brooklyn is a celebration of story arts. Come catch a tale!

For more information about this curious event here is the LINK to the BAC post, there you will find a list of the events that will be held around Brooklyn. I know I will already be attending at least two of these events, and if anything I hope to see you there. Until next time =)

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