The West Indian community continues to grow within the urban areas of New York. The purpose of the Transplanted: West Indian Project is to educate the community at large about West Indian Culture through the use of art in all of its forms.

The presentation of this art will bring together local West Indian artists (or anyone who would like to experience a part of the culture) to create Illustrations, Paintings and Sculptures to use as teaching tools for both themselves and the rest of the community.
Each season artists will be called upon to create new pieces geared towards a certain theme. That theme will then be given its own West Indian twist. The Ultimate goal would be to have the pieces exhibited in local galleries or other appropriate venues.

Accompanying each artist’s work there will be a caption explaining the piece as well as a brief explanation on the history that inspired that piece.

On this Blog you will periodically find updates showing you the process of how each particular work is put together from beginning to end. For me the fun is in the process; this is where you learn, and  you grow. So please check in every once in a while, hopefully you will appreciate what you see.

Also: We have been fortunate enough to acquire very talented artists who are all professionals in their fields. They range from Artists who have had multiple gallery shows both on the east and west coast. To Artists who have done production work for well known television shows with in that last few years.

But if you as a reader are interested in contributing please do no hesitate to ask. The more The merrier I always say. So feel free to leave a reply in the comment section, and we will take it from there.


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  2. Barry Johnson says:

    As an illustrator/designer and half west Indian man I’d love to be a part of this project. If possible I’d like to depict the average transplants that came from the west indies to make a better life for themselves and families since without them I wouldn’t be here 😉 email me and I can send you some sample pieces.

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